API v2 release notes

Lars Ericsson – Thursday, October 13, 2016

Today we're releasing a new, second version of the Premium Zone API. We've been working hard to simplify usage of the API and to make the register flow easier for you as a developer. Starting with this version you wont need to handle MAC addresses at all, we're taking care of all of that for you.

– Bumped API version to v2, this includes all API calls.
– Added /code endpoint that creates a one-time code used for registration of clients.
– Changes to /register. This endpoint now only takes a code in the request body. The token used to create the code will be paired with the device that performs the /register request. Because of this, the request needs to be performed from the client.
– Removed /whoami endpoint that got obsolete with new register flow.
– userId has been renamed to token to better describe its functionality. This is a global changes that affects all endpoints that used userId.

With this release we're also discontinuing support for v1. We'll continue to improve our API and are looking forward to hear your feedback.