Demo day!

Henrietta Lundblad – Monday, December 5, 2016

Every two weeks it’s demo day for the entire team. And I can tell you – the team is pretty massive by now. We actually had to change meeting room due to the fact that person after person lacked a seat. The only side effect of this being the gingerbread cookies and Julmust; we had to share like siblings. But we soon forgot the hassles with lack of space and cookies when our Project Manager Sofie begun the meeting and person after person (including yours truly) stumbled in front of the screen and updated us on the latest news of customer journeys, strategic roadmaps, design & copy (that’s me!), uplifting analytics and last but definitely not least: team A (not as in A-team but as in the first letter of the presumed very secret name of the product they’re working on) reported the triumphs and let-downs of their oh so mouth watering product development.

I think we were all equally excited and satisfied with the overall progress of the project when Sofie declared the end of Demo and a short break before we split up into individual teams for the coming Retro.


Retro – as in retro perspective – is when we go through the ups and downs of the concluded sprint. But we started of with a session of hot seat. For me, with most of my history from traditional advertising agencies, this whole process of working is new – and quite inspirational. We all took turns in the hot seat where our faces and bodies were pasted with post-its addressing the most significant features of our personality. My post-its were all so very kind and uplifting that I had to bring them home with me and show my family that at least I seem to be doing something right in the daytime.