Nice people come, nice people go.

Henrietta Lundblad – Monday, December 12, 2016

Just when I’ve started to learn the names of everyone – and feeling comfortable enough to reveal my poor sense of humour – a flood of new people are gushing in to the Epicentre office. They are all just as nice and pleasant as the regulars (well I don’t know how regular they are but that’s how they feel to me). The newcomers never get much time to acclimate; they are simply just thrown in with a deep dive into the project – and other projects within projects. This has me contemplating two (or maybe three) things:



  1. How amazed I am with the competence of the newcomers and their ability to just dive right in to the puzzles of this project. But I’m equally amazed with the old-timers and the way they never get tired of explaining the complexity of the project for the thousands time. They are often frustrated, but never tired of it. They get the same sparkle in their eye every single time they describe our future life with Premium Zone.


  1. The more time I spend here, the more I realize that the Zone consists of equally infinite layers of both possibilities and frustrations.


  1. When the possibilities are this endless – will we ever be truly satisfied?