Zone Auth release notes

Lars Ericsson – Friday, May 5, 2017

Today we're releasing a new feature in the API called Zone Auth. It's a way for your app to be able to register specific zones and and store your specific identifier for each zone. The feature is similar to the way you've been able to register devices in earlier versions.

– Added new /authorize flow to get user permission to access data about their zone. Permissions are based on scopes. Currently the only supported scope is the basic scope, but we plan to extend this in the future. It will be possible to perform incremental auth where you as a developer can request user permission for only the scopes required at the time, and request additional scopes as needed.
– Added /zone/register endpoint to be able to register a zone with your own chosen token
– Added /zone/deregister endpoint to deregister a previously registered zone

The authorization flow uses your app ID instead of your API key to identify your app. Your app ID can be found under your apps when you sign in to developer portal.