What is Premium Zone and how does it work?

Premium Zone is a digital service platform which enables contracted partners and independent developers to create and distribute smart connected home services. The core of Premium Zone is the possibility to identify different contextual events for people in a Zone and enable solutions using existing services in new and exciting ways. Core events within the Zone are when a device enters, leaves or which devices that are in a Zone. You can also identify if a device is in a Zone.

How do I get started?

Send us an e-mail and tell us about the app you want to build and we'll give you access to the Premium Zone API. You'll soon be able to manage your apps and access API documentation from this site.

Who can become a partner?

Premium Zone welcomes anyone to apply as a partner. We're excited to hear your ideas of how to utilise Premium Zone in ways we haven't even thought of!

When will Premium Zone launch as a consumer product?

Premium Zone will be made available to Telia Broadband households in Sweden in Q4 2016. We plan on launching in Finland and the Baltics in 2017.

What about user privacy?

Telia Company supports and respects international laws and standards on human rights. In Telia Company we recognise that privacy is important to our customers and we are committed to respect and safeguard our customers’ privacy. Our detailed Group Policy - Customer Privacy documentation can be found here.

How can my products and services benefit from Premium Zone?

Premium Zone aims at stimulate the adoption of connected home services by the masses. 1.2 million Telia Broadband households in Sweden have Premium Zone activated without buying hardware or going through advanced setup processes. By integrating your service or product into Premium Zone you'll be part of a greater platform of connected home services with an unbeatable market access.

There's a great opportunity to be featured through the Premium Zone channels and later on have access to additional functionality built into the platform.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss your business opportunity further.

How can I as a Premium Zone partner make money?

We are open for different revenue models depending on partners implementation of Premium Zone. Right now we are focusing on developing great services together with our partners. Get in touch to discuss what revenue model that could work for you!

How does Premium Zone differ from other smart home solutions on the market?

Telia Company is the first telecoms operator in the world to provide direct access to 1.2 million households, enabling user-growth and easier conversion with new revenue models. Premium Zone’s API enables developers to provide value-adding services to customers without need for additional set-up and installation.